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What is Clipart?

To create high-quality design templates, the concept of clip art is used. Generally, the clip arts are the elements of complete designs like pictures, vectors or rasters. Briefly, clipart is a graphic design designed by different designers for users to edit and use in their documents. Clip Art allows users who do not have advanced experience in computer use to create materials with advanced and customized graphics. If your computer has a Microsoft Word - like word processor, you can easily add these clip art to the word processor and edit it as you like. Clip Arts are not just elements and designs used with advanced word processors. Graphics and even advanced designers often use the technique of manipulating the designed object rather than reducing the workload and designing an object from scratch. So, free clipart works in Photoshop and so on. You can also use it with many graphics tools. Clip Art is often found on different websites on the Internet, and many of them are customizable for free. Thus, computer users of all levels can produce more professional and striking documents.

Where can I use Clip Arts ?

The clip art concept has a wide range of usage areas under today's developing technological conditions in many countries of the world globally. Sometimes, stock photos are not the right choice for your business. Whether it's a whistle-blower or a colorful arrow pointing to future growth, the clip art often offers a more cartoon-style approach to the subject. It is designed to be easily placed in a project layout. Unlike the rectangular edges of a stock photo, the thumbnail can fit snugly into a body of text, and the variety of thumbnail shapes allows a graphic designer to create more attractive pages. So, you can use your cliparts everywhere, we can say there is no limit for it.  

What are the formats of Clip Arts ?

In common sense, the two formats are so widespread in the world like JPEG and vectorial images. Firstly, JPEG is used by millions of digital devices globally. These pixelated images cannot be resized without changing the overall quality. Therefore, the resolution of the files must be high enough to keep the images smooth and clear. They use the file extension ".jpg" or ".jpeg". On the other hand, vectorial images are so important for the concept of clip art. The vector illustration was created with the placement of independent shapes instead of predetermined pixels. Regardless of the size of the image, it still looks sharp. This is because the file is actually geometric data that looks like an illustration. To open a vector file, you will need design software that can use this format, such as Adobe Illustrator. Vectors typically use the file extension ".eps" or ".svg".

As a final word, if you want to increase your creativity for the designs of your business or non-profit presentations or documents, using clip arts will be so useful for you. You can find a lot of available clip art websites on the internet with a basic search.

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